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Nature Gardens in Germany
  • In Germany there is a thriving 'nature-garden' movement

  • German nature-gardens are seen as places to experience nature.

  • Planting schemes generally concentrate on plant species that are found wild in central Europe.


Nature Garden in Germany  
Nature-experience area at Herzogenaurach school  
Wildife-friendly planting in Germany  
Nature-experience area at Bersenbrück school  
Widl flowers in public open space in Germany  
Public open space beside a road using 'close to nature' planting  
Wildlife-friendly planting in Germany  
Private nature-garden in Germany.  

In Germany, the Naturgarten eV ('Nature-garden Association')  is a membership organisation founded in 1990. They mainly use the wild flora of of west and central Europe as the raw material for designing gardens.

The Association's members tend to hold the view that their gardens should be designed to be a place to experience nature, to remedy the deficit in such experience felt by many modern urban dwellers, and so 'naturalism' in design tends to be a prominent feature, as well as choosing plant species to attract wildlife.

Some members specialise in designing 'nature- experience' areas around schools. A combination of wildlife garden and adventure playground, These are far more ambitious in scope than any school garden I have seen in the UK. See illustrations on the left.

For further illustrations go to the website of Naturgartenvielfalt  and click on the menu item Beispiele.




















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