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What you can do

There are many ways you can support pollinators


It is not just through plant choice that you do this. The way you maintain your garden is also very important. There is more information about this on the Gardening for Nature page.

The page about Planting for Pollinators describes how I chose plants for our garden and has various downloadable planting lists.

If you want to know how to make a bee hotel, a structure designed to house tube-nesting solitary bees and solitary wasps, I provide instructions. This web page can also be downloaded as a pdf.

Biological recording is the cornerstone of conservation. It is absolutely crucial. If we don't know what wildlife we have, and how it is doing, we can't conserve it. There now are many recording schemes you can take part in, and some of them accept records on-line. More details on the Citizen Science page.

I have also written several downloadable Fact Sheets, saved as printer-friendly pdfs.


Focus on..

Plant Autumn Flowers to support late-flying Insects


Does the Tawny Mining Bee live in your lawn?


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